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Robert Sullivan, MA, MBA, FistLM, FRSA

Who is Robert?

Is an expert in business management and Quality Management.

He is a Lead Assessor for the HM Cabinet Office, Customer Service Excellence Standard.

He believes in the power of developing people and is one of Richard Branson's Virgin Group Elite Mentors. He also mentors as part of the Scottish Business Mentoring programme and the Glasgow University Alumni Mentoring Scheme.

He is a University of Glasgow 'Leading Graduate' and aims to promote lifelong learning. He is also a member of the University of the West of Scotland Industrial Advisory Board

He is a Director of an E-Learning Company, A Management Consultancy Company and a Data Analytics Company as well as often supporting organisations in the Third Sector internationally.

When providing training solutions, Robert delivers all of the courses and events (unless stated otherwise) and  is a world class public speaker, author, adviser, e-learning expert and academic.

His ratings as a trainer are world-class and he engages his audiences with a knowledgeable  yet very informal style. 

Robert loves working at all levels in organisations and believes that working with both Strategic Managers and CEO's as well as front-line staff  really impacts positively on people, customers and citizens as well as the 'bottom line'

His clients range from the individuals he coaches and mentors, politicians, public sector organisations, third sector organisations and some the World's largest organisations. Of course, a significant number of high profile personal clients as well as Corporate ask for confidentiality which is respected.

This demonstrates that as well as being a leading 'thinker' he is pragmatic and turns ideas into reality.

He is a also a well known Conference Speaker giving speeches around the globe on a wide range of business related topics including Quality, Entrepreneurship and Social Media.

Clients include:

IBM, HP, Ford, Skoda, NHS, DWP, Prime Minister's Office (UK), Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, HM Cabinet Office, HM Treasury, ASCO, JobCentre Plus, Sodexo,Scottish Government, Petersons UK, Asco (Azerbjan), Homes Office, Venture Capitalists, Police Services, Petersons BV, Fire and Rescue Services. Compaq, DEC, Rover Group

What are his academic qualifications?

Sullivan holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics and Economic History from the University of Glasgow as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Keele.  In addition, he holds a number of professional qualifications from such as the elite Royal Military College of Science and Canfield University. 

In addition, he was given the honour of becoming a Fellow of the prestigous Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (FIstLM).

He holds the position of Professor of Business and Government in Future College, USA.

International credibility and teaching

Sullivan has taught, set examination papers for and marked exams for a number of top Unversities internationally including Barcelona University, University of South Carolina, Baptist University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University, University of London, The School of African and Oriental Studies, Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde Graduate Business School, The University of Liverpool, The University of the West of Scotland, University of Leicester and The Open University Business School.

He is a well known and respected author of a number of texts and has in excess of 30 peer reviewed academic journals/ conference papers to his name.

He writes extensively for a number of major academic institutions and  has created complete modules and courses in many areas of business, social care and motivation.

He has advised top politicians and thinkers in a number of countries internationally on a number of issues.

Brief career review

After a period as a residential care worker,  Sullivan started a whirlwind career in the East End of Glasgow, working  for the UK Government Department of Health & Social Security.  He then moved on promotion to Manpower Services Commission where he worked in front-line management and then into IT and Performance Management support. 

Subsequently, he moved to support Senior Civil Servants in managing operations and worked as an Internal Business Consultant with the then Employment Department Group across the UK.

Sullivan was promoted further through the UK Civil Service competitive 'Fast Track' scheme and this saw him work in HM Treasury and a variety of Departments and with such as Cabinet Ministers and Prime Ministers.

After leaving the Civil Service, he remained involved in policy development/ advice particularly in public sector modernisation, Performance Management, Outcome Based measurement, Activity Based Costing and the Better Government Agenda.

Sullivan was a member of Prime Minister Tony Blair's Communication Task Force and led up a Government Service First Network.

Work with Professional Bodies

He has worked with a number of professional bodies in various guises including authoring texts, setting examinations, guest lecturing, constructing courses and so forth.

Professional bodies worked with include The Royal College of Nursing. The Instiute of Public Finance, The Charter Institute of Banking, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting, ACCA,  ICAEW , The Instute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland, The Law Society, The Institute of Supervision and Management and The Institute of Leadership and Management.


To add to this very comprehensive career he has established a number of succesful businesses mainly in the advisory and consultanct field as well as in education and personal development.

He has served on the Board of the Institute of Small Business Affairs, is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a member of the University of the West of Scotlands Industrial Advisory Board to name just a few.


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