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Hello and welcome, 

Throughout my student years I understood one thing that paying circa £9k to go to Uni and take a degree that I probably would never get a job in the same industry as my qualication was not the direction I wished to take.  

Coming from a era where our education system is failing many students I am happy and grateful that as a straight A student my motivation to achieve more in life kept me focussed in the chaos created by upheavels in my secondary education.  At a time students need stability I found myself in a high school that went into administration, lost it's whole leadership team and was kept open by Ofsted in special measures with an onslaught of temporary teachers.  Following gaining straight A's again at college it was evident that I needed more training than the conventional system could provide at an affordable cost to myself and my family, and I sort out a way for me to achieve my goals along with being able to give back to people at the same time.

I have spent the last year training in Forex and working to develop into a Business Development Coach.  My sole aim in life is to help others to achieve their goals and dreams, escape our failed education system and eliviate the strain from families struggling to break even.

Joining our educational platform was the best decision I have made.

I look forward to guiding you through your Forex training and journey to financial and time freedom.

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