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Ryan MacPhee and Tabitha Allen: Shamanic Practitioners

We are Ryan MacPhee and Tabitha (Tabs) Allen.
Ryan: I am a very experienced Shamanic Practitioner, who has been running deeply healing and life-changing Shamanic workshops across Europe.
Tabs: I am an experienced life coach, and Shamanic, Reiki and Breathwork Practitioner, who whizzes up and down the country helping people manifest their dreams. Which is my dream! :)
We have both experienced first hand how it feels to be trapped by our own inner fears and shame. Both of us individually have been in deep darkness in the past.
Darkness that has ultimately shown us the way to our Truth, and therefore to love and light!
We certainly know how brave you have to be to go deep into yourself and find those knots. And how wonderful it feels as you unravel those knots and release all that tightness and insecurity and pain once and for all! The joy you feel as that magnificent new space within you fills with so much love!
Our motto is: Whatever it takes for you. And we absolutely mean that. Between us, we have an over flowing toolkit that we will dip into in any way The Divine shows us is best to guide you.
We are also the best of friends. We love to collaborate on workshops like this, and co-create a double whammy of healing love, light and lots of laughter!
We’re so excited to welcome you with open arms, and share experiencing the magic with you.
Come and dart past the eagle to be free!

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