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Sanae, the Coaches Coach, is a brilliant heart-centred strategist that helps people re-define their mission and their niche in a way that is elegant and aligned.
Rather than a cookie cutter approach, she puts maximum effort into understanding who you are, while peeling away all the big, fat hairy lies until all you see is the bloody truth.
Sanae is a combination of detective, doctor, mid-wife, spiritual savant and spider slayer all in one package.

If you're looking for a Coach that can very quickly get to the heart of the matter with a unique perspective and sincere desire to get your business flowing, then look no further.

She is intense, insightful, clever, kind, compassionate, focused, perspicacious, quick and fearless. She has the ability to combine her intellectual insights with a spiritual approach to every challenge

"Sanae is a master when it comes to diving deep into your soul and digging out the REAL story driving you and your business...she helped me not only clarify my story, but also nailed down my niche and ideal client...After my first call with Sanae, I slept soundly for the first time in years knowing I'd found the missing piece in my alignment" Tanuja Dabir- Nutritionand Wellness Coach

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