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School of Connection

Our teachers have a mixture of traditional theatre & improvisation acting training, trained in various meditation and mindfulness techniques, and are passionate about human psychology and behaviour. Aditionally our teachers have won international public speaking competitions.


Our principles are grounded in authenticity. Our approach to helping people overcome their fears is done through encouraging participants to drop the personas they wear in their day-to-day lives in order to express themselves with honesty, and discover their natural speaking style. We’re big fans of embracing vulnerability and strongly believe it’s a strength, not a weakness. Only through vulnerability do we drop our guard and communicate in a way that truly connects to others.


Confidence gets misdefined these days. We believe It's not about how little fear you have, rather, it’s about how willing you are to show much fear you have. Counterintuitively, we feel the more fear you show the more confidence you have. We believe this is an essential stepping stone for developing true confidence.