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School of Simplicity

At School of Simplicity, we are keen to explore the possibility of becoming more balanced & achieving more by simplifying our lives.

Thanks to the hectic pace of life today and the 24/7 culture that expects us to be available whenever, wherever, stress-related problems are increasingly common. We have all experienced times in our lives when events seemed to whizz by, and although we were physically present, it felt more like we were spectators watching our lives from the sidelines. Expectations related to work, family and friends can become so great that we perceive them as overwhelming and unmanageable. As a result, we experience constant tension, which has a knock-on effect on our productivity and our relationships.

We believe that being under constant pressure without learning strategies to deal with them appropriately in school will be an SOS call soon, if it isn’t already – hence, the School of Simplicity acronym.

Practising relaxation can help us feel calmer, more confident, more balanced and to believe that we are able to solve our own problems. Other benefits might be that our cognitive functions develop even further, which can come in handy in everyday life, especially when personal effectiveness is key to success.

We promise to help you significantly reduce your stress level, arm you with powerful tools / techniques / methods that will assist you in managing your physical and emotional challenges more effectively. We are committed to facilitating your personal development, and we seek to work with people who are equally committed to achieving a more balanced life.

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