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From the outset Schools4Change were driven by the universal desire for equality regardless of gender, race or beliefs. We have always believed that quality education is the key to achieving that.

While our beginnings were in the raising of funds to build a school in one country, we soon came to the knowledge that there were a great many buildings and that we were concerned with the education system as a whole.

With a strong background in education and classroom practice we began capacity building within organisations. We mobilised our energies to addressing the issues of curriculum content and delivery, school governance and the qualitative impact of these on a child’s life during their educational career and thereafter.

Schools4Change developed a carefully crafted curriculum that combined modern pedagogy and principles of coaching to educate, empower and then employ children. We called it the Business Process Outsourcing Programme.

In January 2016 we set up our first project in a bustee (slum) area of Karachi. There we opened a computer lab, trained teachers and set up governance to monitor student progress, deliver CPD Programmes and create job opportunities for the neediest in Pakistan. We are delivering on our objectives, to create a more equal world by targeting the areas worst hit by poverty with education as our tool for reform.

Our three-year plan is to ‘create thinking minds’, we have identified a growing need on our doorstep and want to take our work to UK and Europe to the neediest who will benefit from such a Programme. Schols4Change will deliver the BPO Programme whilst creating exemplar governance and curriculum delivery. We will also implement robust methods and frameworks to ensure rapid progress in young people as learners within the classroom and as employees outside of the classroom. Schools4Change aim to empower such individuals to express themselves confidently, stand up on their own two feet and to transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

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