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My Story Of Going From A Loyal Corporate Employee To An Entrepreneur Employing Over 200 Staff In My Organisation.

When I left my finance job in the City in 2009 to become the CEO of Regent Group (a company I had founded with my partner and father in the year 2000) I really wanted to move the organisation forward, but didn’t know how to. This is when I started pondering about how certain people manage to achieve a level of success even if they don’t have a degree or qualification. I knew that a very small proportion of people have this "luck", but my question was what was this "luck" that set them apart? This is where my journey began…
It was then that I met Professor Luis Huete from Huete & Co. in Spain. He asked me to ‘study’ but at the time I didn’t really understand what he meant. He told me that you need to have a certain view about yourself and the world if you want to grow. I lacked the clarity I needed so I decided to enrol at London Business School and spent some time there meeting professors and perusing case studies. I then enrolled with Harvard Business School where I met Professor Clayton Christensen (the  world-renowned scholar in disruptive and sustainable innovation). The one-to-one session I had with him was the beginning of my journey of transformation. He asked me, ‘Do you know who you are?’ This was bluntly followed by, ‘You are not Selva! You don’t know who you are!’ He then mentioned a name Bob Proctor - which at that time was unknown to me. He also recommended that I read Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz – a cosmetic surgeon who wrote about one's self-image.
The turning point for me came when I was attending a family wedding in Canada and met a salesman ‘Arash’ in the hotel lift. I recall, I was in my shorts and feeling very uncomfortable from the heat. We entered into a conversation. I explained I was there for a celebration and I asked him what had brought him to Canada. He told me that he was there attending a transformational event. He gave me his card and that is where my real journey with Bob Proctor started.
It was then that I got to understand that there are substantial differences between a business school and the kind of training that is required to make one a leader. Business schools teach about successful companies, their case studies, what they did to achieve their goals and all the sorts of analysis and theories that go with that. The 'Thinking Into Results' training which was introduced to me by Bob Proctor is where we learn about the self and how that self can transform into an inspirational leader: What is it that gives one leader an edge over another? How do you make it happen? How do you become a successful leader and grow your business exponentially?
I will give you an analogy. There are some people who can play the piano really well by just listening to how it has been played and there are some people who can do the same but need to learn each key and practice. This is exactly like that – some have leadership in them naturally, and there are some that gain the same level of success through study and repetition.
Initially, people around you may not be taken by this idea but once they start seeing the results they will change their opinion. Hundreds of thousands of people have changed their businesses and lives with this training programme.
I encourage you to give it a go and see how not only can it radically transform your results in business but also help you lead a successful personal life.

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