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Simon A Williams Personal Coach

Simon is a health and fitness coach, an established and successful personal trainer and a business owner and now an authority on wellbeing and happiness.

Simon; once was unhappy - but didn't know why! As well as this he had a body that he was ashamed of. When he lost the hearing in his left ear he also lost his confidence and motivation for life. 

He hit rock bottom – from there he decided it was time to start going back 'up' and the U.P.G.R.A.D.E. began for him.
He took his first steps into self development and learned how to be physically fit and mentally strong. Then he created challenges that would shape him along the way to become the character he is right now. 

Over the years he has helped and trained others to achieve these same goals and now spends his time working to make the maximum impact to as many people lives as possible and educate them on the points that are stopping them from being their optimal best 

He is married to Jackie and is a happy family man with two son's Mathias and Nathan. 
He adores jumping out of planes, travelling to new places in the world, reading, drawing, intense and hard training sessions as well as Yoga, playing the guitar and being in love with life.

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