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The intention of this Organisation is to support sisters emotionally and spiritually in their journey of faith , where frequently reverts or non-reverts face various challenges in a new way of life which requires much patience and resilience.

SISTERS FOR ALLAH focuses on empowering Muslim sisters to be successful in all facets of their lives. By facilitating sharing of knowledge, awareness and acquisition of necessary skills. 

SISTERS FOR ALLAH enables Muslim women to take control of their personal growth and success. The health and vitality of a society is greatly influenced by the condition of its women.

Vital to SISTERS FOR ALLAH  is the protection of women through empowerment and support for them and their families. It is aimed towards inspiring women to be proactive in their lives and conquer any hardships that may have arisen.

Providing a space for Muslim women to be able to speak about mutual interests and concerns is one of the objectives of SISTERS FOR ALLAH.

Ultimately, SISTERS FOR ALLAH will function to ensure a cohesive and united community of Muslim sisters. Whether recent immigrant, new graduate, expecting mother, revert or born Muslim,etc SISTERS FOR ALLAH will offer beneficial advice and guidance for Muslim women of all ages and all walks of life.  

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