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 Practice – Learn – Prosper


SmartSim Global is a London based business growth and development group. We specialise in providing interactive business masterclasses and team focused activities using our award winning business simulations.



Established in 2012 as part of our parent company Business Plus Consultancy, our clients include private and public organisations with many academic institutions using our simulations to enhance their students learning experience.



Business simulations used for strategy and innovation, management development and business training are Computer Aided Management Education (CAME) tool, where the purpose is to develop business wisdom – the ability to make smart decisions that lead to business and personal success.



Our Business Simulations (Business Games or Management Games) involve teams of individuals working on a business problem, simulated by a computer-based model and coached by a tutor. Business Simulations allow participants to experience and explore a simulated scenario in a practical and pragmatic manner.



Learning by Doing enables


  • Longer, broad and more complex content learning
  • Issues based discussions
  • Business problem solving
  • First hand observations
  • Networking opportunities
  • Culture building within organisations


Use our simulations to enhance your Business Acumen, implement new Business Strategies, explore new Management and Leadership techniques and build up your capacity for Business Innovation.














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