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South Asian Students Association

The South Asian Students Association (SASA) is a registered society under Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA). SASA is the go-to society for everything South Asian at the University of Edinburgh. It serves as a unique platform for displaying the strong cultural heritage of South Asia while also serving as a tightly knit community of people from it or with a strong passion for it. Our committee this year is dedicated to making sure SASA is everything you want it to be. 

From showcasing our diverse culture this year through celebrating various festivals to showing off the talent in our community by putting our members centre-stage, we hold regular events for occasions such as Eid, Diwali, Holi and much more.  We also strive to be a forum for all academic debate, literary discussion, artistic ventures pertaining to South Asia in Edinburgh. The university's South Asian literature publication Jal is also supported by our society. 

Most importantly, we aim to be a welcoming society which caters to your needs in Edinburgh away from home.  Come and join us in this journey through the hearts and minds of the good folks in this beautiful city, celebrating South Asia all the while. A year of exciting events, delicious dinners, mind-blowing music and fantastic festivities awaits you! 

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