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South Staffordshire Business Hub

South Staffordshire Council has national award winning services, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that local businesses would benefit from. We are experts in connecting people, not just locally, but in surrounding areas.

Examples of our successes include our facilitating position in the South Staffordshire Partnership that has seen close to a million pounds worth of investment in the last 12 months, along with our role as a key partner in bringing Jaguar Landover plant to the District.  

We started our journey by going out and engaging with over 70 businesses to find out what their most pressing needs were. The companies ranged from sole traders through to medium enterprises employing a maximum of 250 staff.  Each of these companies confirmed that they would welcome a level of support from our council to support their business growth and development from a trusted, local, established organisation. 

We then researched what was already available to businesses within the market place and identified gaps that we as an authority could fill.    

Introducing the South Staffordshire Business Hub

The hub will be the first point of contact for businesses in South Staffordshire that are looking to grow and strengthen their local connections. We shall encourage development opportunities through a multi layered enterprise club, specialising in business growth, support and infrastructure management.  

We have:

  • A strong reputation for supporting business in South Staffordshire
  • A trusted brand with a wealth of experience in delivering business services
  • An ongoing in-depth, clear understanding of residents and businesses in South Staffordshire.
  • A passion to grow our local economy and equip local business with the tools to succeed in their chosen markets.
  • An active marketing strategy that connects with over 648,000 people
  • An integrated connection with the largest organisations and partnerships within South Staffordshire, ranging from Health to JLR.
  • A fully qualified, cost effective, award winning staff team, based locally that can support business needs.
  • A principle to reinvest in our local community to grow South Staffordshir

For more information about the support services we can offer you to, please visit or call us on 01902 696124



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