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Speak Out Against Psychiatry (SOAP)

We are a group of survivors, carers, mental health professionals and concerned citizens who are campaigning for humane treatment for those experiencing mental distress. We are opposed to forced drugging and electroshock to the brain, both of which still occur in the UK.

Psychiatric drugs dehumanize, disable and kill.

Children are being diagnosed with disorders such as ADHD and put on powerful stimulants. People experiencing psychosis are being given long term treatment with so called anti psychotics (major tranquillisers), in spite of the evidence they reduce life expectancy and make symptoms worse in the long term. Old people who are distressed and isolated in our nursing homes are being kept quiet using powerful tranquilizers.

We are trying to change this by organising protests, raising awareness and supporting survivors of the psychiatric system to speak up. We also promote humane alternatives to the current system.

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