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Spice Without Borders is a global leadership academy and incubator for social change innovation by those at the margins of society who want to enact social change. Through its 6 month catalytic Spice Accelerator Program, she exists to identify and equip a new generation of passionate change leaders from the backyards of society with creative ideas and skills necessary to start sustainable projects that accelerate change through innovation and cultural transformation. Participants come from diverse backgrounds; cultural, religious, socio-economic and educational. These could be activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, initiators or innovators. They share this diversity as they work, live and learn together. They are exposed to methods, techniques and theories that are relevant to their personal ideas. To ensure individualized training, Spice Without Borders selects a maximum of 6 – 20 participants per academic year through a vigorous selection process. We also reach out to young learners through Pilipili 101 clubs. Participants join other social change leaders on our platform, SpiceTalks, a catalytic accelerator for intense social change where we identify change leaders from our communities who are privy to social ills and are passionate about accelerating change. The leaders creatively share their innovative life transforming social change ideas that amplify social ills. Learn about this platform at We do not discriminate participants in our initiatives based on gender, ethnicity, race, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, socio-economic status, disability or any other status. Selection to the Spice Accelerator is not based on academic performance or qualification however participants need to have a social change project or idea that will create a mindset change in their community. Be atleast 18 years or older with a basic knowledge in English (reading, writing and speaking, basic knowledge in using a computer and willingness to learn and share their skills with peers and mentors.) They have to be part of the social community they seek to transform.

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