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Spirit Shift. Spreading Love and Healing.

The creative brainchild of two soul sisters, Spirit Shift is dedicated to spreading Love and Healing on planet Earth.

Tai is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, Reiki master teacher, Sound healer and clinical hypnotherapist with a calling into urban Shamanism.

Better known for her blog “WonderFull Wombman” where she shares articles to encourage conscious reflection and inner awareness for personal growth and spiritual elevation.

Kim is a Yoga teacher, Sound healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Meditation guide, also offering Rahanni Celestial Energy Healing. 

She is passionate about assisting and guiding others along their journey of inner healing, holding peaceful heart filled spaces to inspire deep healing experiences, and encourage others to Align with the Divine.

Both are also passionate about creating resourceful, ethical healing tools which they offer on Etsy.

Items include handmade smudge sticks, crystal pendants and shamanic Chakapa rattles.

Attendees can expect a love filled, sacred healing experience at any workshop, class or event facilitated by SpiritShift - and they look forward to connecting with you!