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St Aloysius, Chapelhall

About Mass at St. Aloysius

We are delighted to be able to celebrate mass with Parishioners even if in a very small way.

However, in order to maximize infection control and follow the Scottish Government’s Covid19 guidance for Churches, your experience of mass will not be as normal. Please follow the guidelines below:

• When booking for more than one person from a household, please only book one ticket. A household ticket will provide access for up to 4 members of the one household.

• Parishioners should follow Scottish Government Guidelines in relation to those who are considered vulnerable or shielding.

• Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early for mass in order to make sure we can seat everyone safely. If you arrive and there are more people waiting to enter, please ensure you follow physical distancing guidance and maintain 2m distance

• Everyone attending mass must wear a mask at all times. (Except those under the age of 5 or those who have a medical reason for not doing so)

• On approaching the Church doors, you will be met by a volunteer who will point you to either the side door or the main door for entry.

• On entering and exiting the Church, everyone must sanitise their hands.

• Toilets will not be available.

• Singing will unfortunately not be permitted during mass.

• Parishioners should not leave their seat for Holy Communion. The Priest will approach you in your seat to distribute Communion. Place you hand across your chest and on your shoulder if you DO NOT wish to receive Communion. Replace your Mask immediately you have received Communion.

• When Mass ends, you should wait in your seat until a volunteer directs you to leave.

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