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Steve Mills

I am an internationally renowned business coach, marketing and sales expert, professional speaker and trainer

I am the author of four books, including most recently LinkedIn 2.0.  I have worked with 1,000’s of business owners in hundreds of industries and have made more than £100 million for my clients.  I have worked in the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, Far East and Australia. I am the author of over 50 audio, video, and online training programmes.

I have been honoured by being asked to speak at events all over the world including:

  • The Canadian High Commission and Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • Gleneagles Golf Club
  • ABB Saudi Arabia
  • The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority
  • The Commonwealth Conference Centre
  • Singapore
  • Business Connections Live TV
  • The Education & Business Partnership
  • Business Connections Live (the UK’s leading online business TV channel)
  • Tourism South East
  • The View Hotel – Switzerland
  • The Better Business Show
  • Large businesses including – Microsoft, Bayer PLC, British Telecom,  ABB (Saudi Arabia)
  • Associations including – The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association, Institute of Sales & Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Federation of Small Business, Institute of Arts Management, Institute of Leisure and Amenities Management
  • Universities including – Surrey University, Cardiff University, Oxford University, Sheffield University, Birmingham University.

My mission is to continually impact the lives of thousands of small business owners.

I am an active philanthropist: Through my Foundation, I have paid to educate children from all over the world and provided food and water to those in need.  I contribute £1,000’s to ‘Cancer Research UK’ and raise money for events like the ‘Manchester Appeal’.

My background includes:

▪     Over 10,000 hours learning about sales and marketing from the world’s leading experts

▪     I have made over £100,000,000 for my clients

▪     I have spent over £100,000 on my own sales and marketing training

▪     I have over 28 years experience helping small businesses to increase their profits

▪     I am a former international sportsman and therefore I understand the value of having a good coach

▪     I have spoken in many countries including – UK, USA, Singapore, Abu Dabi, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Switzerland

▪     I have a database of over 50,000 business owners who get my weekly marketing email tips

▪     I don’t just deliver ideas, I really help my clients make those ideas work for their business in a practical way.

My philosophy in Action

If you have a weakness the “law of success” will find you out.

For example, if you are good at creating leads, but don’t follow up on those leads very well, then you will not be successful.  If you get lots of people to your website, but you don’t have any lead capture devices on your site, then that is going to be very costly.

I also believe that the world can be unsporting.  The player or the business that has the edge gets all the rewards.  The difference between winning and losing at any sport often hangs on a single point.  In business, a prospect types a keyword into Google looking for a specific service and then selects maybe three websites to take a look at.  Only one company gets that £50,000 order!  The ones who finish second and third get nothing – not even a silver or bronze medal.  Harsh, but true!

Over the past 28 years, I have built a reputation for helping businesses to grow

I am the founder of The LinkedIn Training Academy, which provides training, coaching and mentoring through video, audio, workshops, and webinars.  I am a member of the Professional Speakers Association and I was awarded the Fellowship of the Institute of Sales and Marketing.

I have helped businesses develop systems and strategies to:

▪     Improve the ROI from their current marketing

▪     Use Marketing without Money strategies

▪     Measure and track everything

▪     Test their marketing to get the best possible results from every marketing pound

▪     Make a marketing plan and set a budget with specific targets

▪     Make full use of referrals with a plan and scripts for winning them

▪     Systematise their marketing and sales processes.

I am originally from Sheffield, but now live in Sherbourne St John, in Hampshire and I have two sons.

When I am not working I can be found keeping fit on the tennis court, or at the gym, playing golf (very badly), following my beloved Sheffield Wednesday, or walking along the country lanes in North Hampshire.

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