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Steven Haggerty

My name is Steven Haggerty. I am a Business and Empowerment coach, speaker and entrepreneur. It is my mission to inspire, motivate and propel people forward into a successful mindset.
From an early age, I was an entrepreneur. My first venture, was selling CDs on the playground for a fiver. I made good money and my Mum was surprisingly proud! I was only 11 years old. After a couple of years, I moved into website design. I was doing this between the ages of 13 and 18, which meant I wasn’t taken seriously a lot of the time. But that never stopped me. Next came a recruitment business, and several other ventures after that. I am a serial and successful entrepreneur!
Although I’m not selling CDs on the playground anymore, I still have the same mindset: I am always finding new ways to use my gifts and to provide value to the people around me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved what I was doing, but I was finding that I was feeling disconnected from what I was doing day-to-day. And while I could always go back to my entrepreneurial roots for inspiration and could clearly see my success right in front of me, behind closed doors there was a large part of me that felt like I was failing somehow.
Eventually, I discovered my passion and talent for coaching. Clarity swept over me like it never had before! All of a sudden, I had a sense of purpose. I was passionate about life like I had never experienced before. It turns out that I had been coaching people in one way or another my entire life without ever realising it. This is where the feeling of failure came from – the biggest gift I had wasn’t being used properly!
And now?
I work with clients to transform their lives and expand their businesses.
I am using my power to influence, inspire, and motivate with my words on an ever-growing stage.
I travel. I work. I live my dream.
Every single day I am grateful for what I have and what I can give.

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