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Hello, hello, hello. I'm Diane, masquerading as Stitchscape. Well that's not totally true but the space I hide out in the most is the studio called Stitchscape - an escape place for stitchers. It's just between Newton-le-Willows and Lowton, which is north of Warrington, south of Wigan and east of St. Helen's. There you see; a geography lesson and bio all in one!

My vision for the studio is that all kinds of stitchers will use it as a hang out space where they can escape away from such things as the dining room table; interfering toddlers or non-understanding teenagers. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the studio is open for 'sewcial sessions', where you can drop by with your latest sewing project and come and sew along with others. Don't hide away on your own, talking to your sewing machine as if it understands. No, why do that alone, when you can do it amongst others doing exactly the same! 

On this Eventbrite page, I've put the booked sessions in, which will give you the opportunity to focus on a particular type of sewing; if you're like me and do many different types or maybe you only do, e.g machine embroidery, then you'll probably only be interested in those sessions. I like it because it ensures that I get to do them all every month and keep my sewing addiction fed. 

Take a gander at what's what and then send me a message either asking for more information or saying 'oi Diane, any chance you can do a weekend retreat for me and my 5 friends, who want to have a 'time out' weekend, just chatting and sewing?'..... you'll never never get, if you never never ask. Although you may ask and I'll have to say no but hey, you won't know until you ask. 

See you at the studio


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