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Subversion is run by a small team of dedicated fetishists who have been active on the London scene for a number of years. There have been a few different types of Subversion events over the 14+ years of its existance; Club Subversion (dress up, socialise, play & dance), Subversion Noir (dark and naughty playtime), Subversion Le Boudoir (a co promotion with a swinging club) one off or annual specials like the S&M Mansion Party near Brighton. We also produce a larger event which mixes two or more of the formats for the annual London Fetish Weekend.

The events we run are all fetish but the variations have been a resposnse to the ever changing vibe of the London Fetish scene coupled with what venues have been available for us to use and the climate / laws that influence what we can and can’t get up to.

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