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Sue Curr

Today Sue Curr is a Speaker & Empowerment Coach who prides herself on being able to inspire others to Fear LESS & LIVE More but it wasn’t always like that, the product of a traumatic childhood Sue spent almost all her life journeying along what she herself terms as ‘life’s loneliest of roads’ that of mental ill health

It became almost inevitable that she would combine her personal journey with the experience she gained during a 15-year background in the fields of education and social healthcare specializing in mentoring children & young adults in particular who had multiple issues across the mental health spectrum with her own personal journey. To that end Sue now works tirelessly with people of all ages, enabling them to achieve their full potential and instilling in them the confidence to live life in their own way, enabling them to reprogram the way they see both themselves & where they are in life by using simple yet effective strategies in order to reboot their mindset and view life for what it truly is an opportunity to be whoever they want to be!

Empowering YOU to have the courage to be who you really are, because whether you realise it not at present? Everything begins and ends with you! - Sue Curr

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