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Sue Elkington

Sue Elkington is Birminghams most prominant Refurbishment Expert

Birmingham born and raised, she worked as a highly succesful manager in public service for over 35 years.

Consequently she brings to the table not only knowledge of physical refurbishment, but also that of a competant and experienced manager of manpower and budgetary constraint, with personal insight into the workings of officialdom.

Having bought her first house in the 70's for just £6250 she realised too late she had been sold a structural wreck.

She had no money to pay builders nor real hands on knowledge to complete the task herself, so she rolled up her sleeves and learned the hard way working evenings and weekends attending college when she could to skill up and progress.

Some 130+ full refurbs later she retired from public duty and now focuses full time on her own portfolio, whilst assisting others who want similar results from property ownership.

Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999 she has continued to battle illness and disability plus gender confusion when she turns up at builders merchants a woman with a limp and still faces periodic issues over peoples prejudice over women in such a role.

You will take her seriously and benefit from her struggle and determination to overcome the odds over almost 40 years of mistakes made and fixed and as she puts it tears shed and dried.

Take advantage of her personal experience of the property industry and refurbishment first hand and if you want to make some serious money from refurbishment, and use property to enhance your life not wreck it, grab the opportunity to spend some time with her asap.

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