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Sunflower Suicide Prevention Collective

About the Sunflower Suicide Prevention Collective:

-We are a community organisation who uses community and creativity to shine some light into someone's day -

There is a mental health crisis where "close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds” (WHO, 2020). An alternative approach is crucially needed if we want sustainable healthy minds.

Mental health is not linear but it is the connection we have with ourselves that matters most. However, there is an equally important aspect that is becoming increasingly overlooked in this fast paced world; togetherness.

We started off with the Sunflower Suicide Prevention Project which sowed the seeds into the collective in 2019 by creating sunflower coloured pom poms with attached grounding in the moment quotes for those going through dark times. Our pom poms are free for those who seek inner strength and a reminder that they are not alone during the darkest of times. They are located in university campuses, green spaces, cafes, train stations and many other locations. The conversations which happen alongside creating at the Sunflower Self Compassion Workshops are invaluable in helping people feel they too are not alone as well as creating some space for themselves. A huge thank you goes to Bristol Independent Mental Health Network for kick starting this project. Workshops are currently on pause due to COVID 19.

The collective will run alongside the seasons. This is to also to reflect the way mental health is all about planting small seeds, the need for rest, and there being a time for us to bloom in life. Each season will have focused creative projects for the community. The community is not to be geographically based, using both online and offline to have as far reaching impact as possible.

Autumn/Winter 2020 - Sunflower Series: Flow:

Breakfast Book Club

Knit along with...

Sunflower Stories

Lets Dance!

+other guest appearances

Sow your seed into the collective and together we can shine some light into someone's day.

Loo Fletcher aka The Sunflower Gal founder of the Sunflower Suicide Prevention Collective.

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