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Supporting Wounded Veterans

Supporting Wounded Veterans (formerly Skiing with Heroes) is a charity that helps wounded veterans get back into civilian life and occupation.
Founded in 2012 as Skiing with Heroes, we have developed a comprehensive programme which each veteran participates in:
SKIHABILITATION Showing medically-discharged veterans, whether suffering from severe physical injuries, combat stress (PTSD), or a combination of both, that nothing is impossible. We have well over 100 applications each year but funding to support only 30.
MENTORING PROGRAMME A structured programme giving each veteran a trained and dedicated mentor, business or life coach– we encourage their re-entry to civilian life and, if possible, employment. 89% remain engaged with a mentor for more than a year.
EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME Helping Veterans understand the job market and their transferable skills, matching ability and creating opportunities with employers – continuous support for SWV veterans once they secure the right role.
FAMILY SUPPORT NETWORK A network supporting those closest to the veterans who are often overlooked in veteran rehabilitation. Family members and those closest to the veterans can feel isolated; the provision of weekends away where they meet each other allows them to form their own connections and friendships.
PAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME (PMP) Pain management is a major barrier for many wounded veterans either to becoming employed or even being able to partake in everyday life. Many of our veterans are prescribed significant medication that renders their entry into employment a challenge. In 2016, in partnership with King Edward VII’s Hospital in London, we started a veteran specific Pain Management Programme. This is the first programme of its type in the UK and is delivered in tandem with our mentoring & training programmes to ensure that we address all of the often complex needs faced by veterans. Our aim is currently to put forward 80 veterans per annum, including those introduced by other military charities. For the veterans it is the first comprehensive review of all their medication and treatment and it aims to improve the management of chronic pain and symptoms without which, for many, getting back into work would be impossible.
Initial research in 2017 shows that on completion of the programme 70% of the veterans are more likely be on reduced medication. 100% would recommend the programme to others and claim that it has helped their overall pain management.

It costs £14,200 to bring each veteran through the Programme (Skihabilitation, Mentoring, Employment, Pain Management Programme and Family Support Network) to reclaim their lives and livelihood.

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