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The ancient Vedas describe 'Neti-Neti', meaning 'Not This-Not That', as the process of reaching inner peace. It is by knowing what I am not, I realise what I am! It has also been described as meditation on the formless. It is one of the most ancient meditation practises and is practised by few.

If you wish to raise self-awareness, or move closer to your inner self, this meditation is for you. If you are feeling stressed, burned out, or worried, this method will help with the problems, but also their root cause.

Neti-Neti sages develop awareness of everything that moves or has form, as well as becoming aware of the the stillness or formless essence (Nir-ankar), which lies hidden beyond the physical senses

The free meditation classes are held are at Cannock and Wednebsury. The Wednesbury classes are run every Thursday and every other Sunday. The Cannock classes are held every other Saturday. Further details are on the website

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