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Sustainable Harborough is a five year lottery funded project. We want to show how a focus on what people want and are interested in, along with a focus on creating projects that can support each other can bring about a more vibrant, inclusive community with lower carbon emissions.

Whether you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint, or doing your bit for the environment doesn’t really matter – what does matter is working together to support families who can’t afford to live comfortably, businesses who want to support their local producers and people investing their hard earned time, effort and money in the place where they live.

Sustainable Harborough is a small team – Gavin Fletcher, Joanne Sharman and Emily Crown backed up by lottery funding and a wide partnership of fantastic organisations. The partnership represent many different aspects of sustainability from social housing to water supply, but the common thread is a focus on people and a focus on creating things that will have a life beyond lottery funding.

We hope that you find our approach interesting and if you want to join in, please get in touch.

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