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Suzanne Michal

Suzanne specialises in the balance between our energy body and emotional well-being around issues like chronic conditions, bereavement and grief, life crisis and turning points, menopause and spiritual awakening.

She offers chakra balancing sessions where she empowers you to feel how your energy centres function in relation to your emotional patterns and how you can easily change them in your daily life.

She offers in depth soul plan readings which are based on the vibrations of your birth name. Those manifest in your life as your core talents, challenges, goals and the heart of your being. If you have any meaningful questions about your life and destiny, this is for you!

Suzanne trained at the College of Psychic Studies in mediumship and psychic art, She is a qualified Reiki practitioner and qualified Soul Plan Reader. She trains daily in chi gong. Since 2010, she has been studying with Dr Joe Dispenza in applied neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetic, meditation into high brain frequencies and pineal gland activation.

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