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Symphony Programme

  • The south Somerset Symphony Programme is an NHS PACS Vanguard site (Integrating Primary and Acute Care Services)   We are working hard to develop new integrated approaches to healthcare in south Somerset - enabling patients to access 'the right care' in the 'right place'.  We are developing new healthcare roles to focus on education and prevention, as well as managing existing long-term health conditions.  Closer working between primary and secondary healthcare services will  help to increase efficiencies, reduce duplication and improve our patients' access to healthcare.  
  • Our new models of care are being developed and reviewed through the close partnership working with GP Practices across south Somerset; as we work together to find better ways of  creating the sustainable, high quality healthcare system required for now and into the future.  Our goal is to prevent unneccessary admission, or re-admission to hospital, provide and personalise the specialist care that our patients with the most complex health conditions require and help to put more resources back in to primary care.  
  • With our special Vanguard status, we hope that as we develop our new models of care further, we can provide a blueprint that can influence the structure and future design of healthcare services in other parts of the country.  With early indications showing a positive impact on patients and healthcare organisations alike, we will continue to progress, develop and evaluate our model in south Somerset over the coming months.  
  • We will be holding a variety of events that will give our colleagues in primary and secondary healthcare the opportunity to hear about our journey - the challenges, the feedback and the positive steps we have already taken to shape and influence our healthcare system to meet the needs of both patients and healthcare practitioners.


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