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Talent in Practice

Training courses and support for mums who want to return to work.

Courses to motivate and inspire you and reinforce your belief you can return to work.


Join over 1,000 mums who have already benefitted from these courses. Our return to work success rate is over 5x higher than the norm.


Course 1: Improve your chances of being invited to an interview


  • The importance of targeting specific roles
  • Identifying the special value you offer to a future employer
  • Applying in ways that get you noticed
  • Making sure your ideal employer knows you are looking for work.

Course 2: Improving your chances of being offered the job


  • Making a positive impression before the interview
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Handling those tricky gaps in your work history
  • 'Real life' interview experiences

The courses combine real life experiences and insights and integrates marketing concepts, sales tactics and psychology. 

Get an unfair advantage. After all you are worth it!

What Others Said

I found it so helpful. The trainer helped me think through what I had achieved in previous roles and also gave me useful points about how to structure my CV. It was helpful to get feedback on what my best qualities were.
Natasha, Southall

I would normally dread something like this, but it was quite stimulating to think of things in a different way. I found it constructive. It allows you to think about your achievements and what the employer is looking for. I was more confident in my abilities at the end of the process.
Jane, Hanwell

Although I was confident in my CV I was not getting interviews. It was tough to hear the truth that my CV was not very good. At the same time the experience was very uplifting. It was a completely new way of presenting myself – concentrating on key details rather than the rubbish. I would absolutely recommend this to other people! It gave me the confidence to be open and to look forward. I now have confidence that I do have skills that employers will be looking for.
Olga, Greenford


In 2010, our founder Russell was approached to develop innovative methods of helping Mums who had been long term unemployed back into work. The project was funded the Job Centre Plus.

Having worked as a recruitment consultant, charity CEO and marketing consultant, Russell had an 'insider's perspective' of many sides of the interview table. Having worked in recruitment, he had seen first hand how recruiters work and what employers look for when engaging recruiters. As a CEO he had been involved in interviewing candidates for numerous roles alongside members of his board which gave an insight into what impressed an interviewer and how those involved viewed the process. As an immigrant, he had known first hand the heart ache, frustration and despondency of having sent out his CV to over 200 employers hoping to find work with not a single response. 

Rather than conventional content, Russell inter weaved experience with concepts from marketing, sales tactics and even psychology to create a unique but powerful experience. The resulting courses, mentoring programs and support packages were delivered to over 1,000 attendees over a 2 year period with large numbers returning to work as a result. 

The participants really warmed to the trainer who was bubbly, full of energy and positive. They were sparked and challenged by him which made him very different from the other trainers we have used. The feedback we had from the participants was really, really positive! The course woke people up and challenged them.
Ealing Extended Schools

Everyone raved about the course. His energy and enthusiasm gave the participants the inspiration to go out and do what he had taught them. He presents in a way that wakes you up – you don’t need your morning coffee if you have been in his workshops. His personal story encourages people and makes them feel that he has been in their shoes. He built a great rapport with the group.

When the funding was eventually withdrawn, other opportunities presented themselves and the work was moth balled.

These courses are now being offered again with support services to follow. They have a different format. They have been updated, tweaked and polished. Clearly we need to make money to make this sustainable, but this is not about the money. This is about making a difference. It is about helping families. It is about helping Mums who want to work so they can give their children a better life.

Talent in Practice is the organiser of the Return to Work for Mums courses and the services that can be added. Talent in Practice Limited 

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