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Talk Together London C.I.C.

Talk Together London CIC offers support in academic and social skills for young people aged 5 to 19 and training and volunteering opportunities for parents and carers of students attending our programmes.

Many pupils can get top marks with enrichment resources to develop their strengths. Talk Together London CIC offers structured, fun and exciting activities in a safe, caring and positive environment.

Are you making the precious after school hours something to look forward to for your child - and giving you peace of mind?

If your child has finished that book and homework exercise but lost that magic feeling of being driven by something that’s a genuine desire to do much better, then why not enrol them for after school or weekend activities? Research indicates that participating in after school programmes improves performance on measures of academic achievement, behaviour and relationships with peers. If you’re a parent or carer who would like to uncover ‘hidden talents’, consider the power of personalised learning. This can happen in the small group settings of workshops or clubs which provide targeted support as needed.

We provide programmes to engage students in meaningful and enjoyable learning.

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