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About me

My passion is in working with young people to help them find a way through their struggles and support them to explore and process life events that they may find difficult to work out alone.

I have my own private practice in the village of Bolton-le-Sands and central Lancaster.

I also deliver therapy at a School for pupils with emotional and behavioral difficulties working on trauma and attachment.  I have DBS enhanced clearance

Feedback from my clients has been that counselling has given them insight and awareness into the struggles that they are facing.

It provides a space to reflect on their experience and how this impacts on their behaviour and relationships. My clients have also reported feeling a new sense of hope and resilience in tackling everyday life.

A big percentage of my counselling work is anxiety related, teaching the client what happens in the body and brain when anxiety occurs, exploring what the triggers are and how to deal with the overwhelming feelings when they occur.

By understanding how anxiety works, you can then understand why you feel that way and it will help you to break the vicious circle of anxiety that just makes things worse. 

I also work with anger and depression in teenagers allowing the young person to talk about sensitive issues that they may feel unable to disclose to adults and peers close to them. 

Teenagers experience a lot, from transitional phases such as a changing body, finding their own sense of self and belonging, becoming independent and stresses with educational exams and tests...counselling can help with all these issues. 

Sometimes young people find it difficult to sit face to face and talk about their difficulties and for this reason I also offer to walk and talk in environments that are therapeutic in themselves.

I also work with cognitive behavior therapy to deal wit



panic disorder,

Social anxiety,


illness anxiety,

generalized anxiety  (GAD) This is the feeling of being anxious about almost everything and anything!! Often, people affected by GAD will feel overly worried about a wide range of things including:

Your performance at school

Things that are happening at school or at home

Worrying about worrying!

Self harm

I have worked frequently with Clients with special educational needs and understand what challenges this brings in school and home life. I have also worked with school refusal to help the young person integrate gradually back into school.School is often not the place that young people want to be spending their time anyway.

However, many people experience a complete sense of dread when it comes to going to school.

This is very different to simply not wanting to go to school. Going into school when you have school phobia can make you feel very anxious and panicky.. counselling can help with this.

My service is confidential, warm and non judgmental giving you the supported space to work on any issues you choose to bring to counselling. 

I undertake workshop training and invest a lot of time in continued professional development. I attend regular clinical supervision to ensure i am working ethically with my clients and attend self development groups for continued personal growth.

I provide therapy for children and their families post adoption in Cumbria through an organisation who provides this service for local authority.

I have published a parenting book titled Talking to Teenagers.

In addition I also run an online course, providing access to regular support for teenagers and their families.

More information can be accessed at 


Our daughter had been struggling with all the usual teenage angsts and issues, but nothing that we really thought out of the ordinary. Then she broke up with her boyfriend, that seemed to be the final straw. She said she wanted to see a therapist; I thought this was a bit extreme and wasn’t too sure how her Dad would take to the idea. Then I discovered that she’d been self-harming. I found Helen through the counselling directory, and am so very glad we did.

The difference in our daughter has been amazing. She is so much more pleasant to be around, gone is the “so unfair” teenager. The relationship between her and her Dad has improved no end. The most important difference however has been in her own disposition and state of mind; her whole outlook on life is so much better; she is in a happy place within herself.

We are all so grateful to Helen, the help and guidance she has given our daughter has improved all our family life.

Training, qualifications & experience

My training is a degree in Person-Centred therapy 

Post graduate certificate in evidence based psychological approaches (cognitive behavioural therapy)

I welcome clients from the ages of 11 - 21 Parental/legal guardian consent is required for anyone under 14 years of age.

BA Honours Person-Centred Therapy (BACP accredited degree) 

Post graduate certificate in evidence based psychological approaches (cognitive behavioural therapy)

Working with children and adolescents diploma (ongoing)

  • Working with sexualised trauma 
  • Safeguarding level 3
  • Introduction to mental health
  • Drug use & misuse - level 2
  • Family link Parenting certificate
  • Aspergers 'What Now' course
  • Adolescent Suicide 


  • Trauma CPD
  • Trauma, Dissociation and recovery (PODS traning)
  • Traumatic attachment and co regulation: The neurobiology of relationship
  • Childhood sexual abuse (PODS training)

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work within the ethical guidelines.

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