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Tania Schnuppe, Founder of Ultimate Health

Hi I am Tania and I am passionate about health. 

I was since my 30's but I did not realise that I was not actually as healthy as I thought, as in 2012 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After a horrific treatment, I asked myself, at that lightbulb moment in life "Why Did I Wait To Get Sick?" I was living an unconscious life of eating without thinking or asking questions. As I researched and studied and dived into the health information world, I was on my own personal quest for longevity and ensuring that I grow old feeling young, disease free. 

My eyes were opened so wide from my learnings that I started to share with others and after helping myself, I helped my mum who was a long-term diabetic, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, Cushing Syndrome and to top it off also a breast cancer lumpectomy later and mum was not doing well. I helped her to turn her life around in 3 months and she was healthier than she had ever been and off her medications that covered the span of our dining table. From there, others sought my help to help with all sorts - Leukaemia, cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, fatty liver, cholesterol issues, blood pressure issues,  WEIGHT LOSS.

If you have a health issue your doctor said would not go away, or you want to LOSE WEIGHT. Then come talk to me, I am friendly and all my business so far has been word of mouth. I have been doing this for over 6 years now. 


to Your Ultimate Health


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