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Tara Love Perry

Tara Love Perry, sometimes known as 'The Spiritual Midwife', is a naturally gifted intuitive energy worker with a high level spectrum of extra-sensory abilities that allow her to see, hear, feel, communicate & empathise with ranges of energy, from your cells and DNA to your Soul and Eternal Spirit.  

With over 15 years professional experience as a Soul Reader, Channel & Energy Healer, her talks, trainings, 1:1 sessions and workshops have currently taken her to 9 countries over 3 continents, with many thousands of souls, including spiritual leaders, political leaders, corporate leaders, coaches, authors, CEO's and artists and  having benefited from her unique methods and delivery.

She's the author of the new book "I love you, Me ~ 7 Steps to Transformational Self Love"
Available to order now. 

Tara currently lives in Brighton, UK, with her 2 handsome sons and Gracie the golden labradoodle.
She is a proud Ambassador for ALALA registered charity for children orphaned by natural disasters and war.


Tara's Story


 I was in a car crash that left me seemingly dead when I was 3 and a half months gestated in utero.
 No heart beat or pulse could be found for over 2 months. Only my mother's faith kept me intact in body,
whilst my spirit was adrift in the ethers.  After over 11 months in the womb I was finally born.

Raised within a spiritual community throughout my childhood,
 surrounded by devotees aspiring for inner peace,
I felt  unified with an unconditionally loving Spirit presence. I think this is normal for most, if not all, children
when they are little, but at some point the awareness fades as the 'real world' integrates them into a narrower,
more socially acceptable narrative or reality. I managed to remain in connection with Spirit.
I vividly remember being 4 years old, surrounded by my golden light, and feeling a need for this 'Spiritual' love to be more 
available in the world; as an attainable reality and not only a private experience that happens in meditation or solitary moments.
 I found it difficult to want to exist and belong in a world with so much self-deceit & disembodiment. 
I wanted unconditional love, the Truth, externalised and manifested.

As a sensitive child I saw and felt things about people that they outwardly contradicted. It was highly
confusing and difficult for me to discern. Was I wrong or was almost everyone not telling the truth?
So much seemed to be hidden and negated that I found being alive and human too much to integrate with.

I believe that I became ill as a direct result of this. For over 10 years, from the ages of 14-25, I was challenged by a severe immune 
related illness from which I eventually healed myself. During the years following I coached & advised in nutritional & spiritual wellness. Although both my parents had been alternative healers since the early 1980's, I was not inclined towards becoming a healer myself. However, my extra sensory abilities became more pronounced during my teens and twenties and began leading me on my own journey 
of self discovery and awakening.

I shall forever have gratitude, love & respect for my teacher, Prem Rawat, aka Maharaji, who gave me his techniques of knowledge and consistently guided me within to find what I was looking for in the world. All of my life lessons and soul readings have proved this to be so, without fail. 

Two home-birthed babies later brought me more into my power. My birthing experiences were enlightening, blissful and pain free.
I began to trust my intuition and conjugate purpose and being, also inspiring and educating others for home or natural birth choices.

2002 saw me begin to craft my art of Soul Reading, channelling & energy healing, with unique methods of breath-work and healing revealed to me. I work internationally, in person and online. To date, 9 countries over 5 continents over the past 10 years. 
Countless people have been validated & affirmed and restored in their intuitive sensitivities, with the realisation that they are not alone 
in their fears and traumas, or their sensitivity. Helping to validate others, as I was so blessed with back in 2001, lights up my world 
with a passion. It motivates and inspires me. With huge thanks to the internet many of my clients are international, which means that sustainable and radical shifts, profound healing and personal realisation are much more accessible to us than ever before. 
Technology has become the messiah conduit for conscious evolution and global activation! 

In 2008 I created the Live In Light Academy (LILA), a platform from which i could share trainings and workshops for self-healing, self-empowerment, relationships, abundance & birth, as well as the LILA year foundation training in Soul Reading, Channeling & Energy Healing. Grief ceremonies, relationship counsels and births are other events that I've been very privileged to facilitate.

2015 became my year for focus on teaching Self- Mastery.
From the foundation stone of all my work  'Breathe & Receive',  combined with "I love you, me" healing
(a unique technique for clearing and releasing all blockages in energy, physical or non-physical),
along with other accumulated wisdoms, the 7 steps to Self-Love was born. 

February 2017 saw the release of my first publication "I love you, Me! ~ 7 steps to Transformational Self Love"
and the "I Love You, me" E-course. 
Available to order here 

I have read many thousands of souls, each one a volume in the library of the infinite universe. This is my main resource for gathering knowledge, along with, of course, the knowledge written within my own soul bank. I feel entirely blessed by those who have trusted me to see them and walk the path with them a while. It has been my privilege to have experienced such intimacy in the wonders and shadows of the mind, heart and soul, and my service to offer back what was shown to me in the archives of Spirit
for our consciousness  evolution into the Love Paradigm! 


May there be peace on Earth through peace in the heart, mind and soul of every human being.
May we base all decisions we make now on the highest wellbeing & benefit of our future 7 generations to come.
May all people realise the greatest Truth of who we are
And may we live a life of ecstatic gratitude & unconditional love forever more.

Thank you for your interest and for reading my story. May your own story continue to unravel with grace, gratitude
and great joy.


My Mission


First my mission was to heal myself, so I worked determinedly & purposefully to birth,  embody 
and own my spirit: To know what is real, in what I can trust, and what The Truth IS.

Tools and techniques were shown to me that transform states of disconnection, secret unfulfilment, grief and aloneness,
to yield  greater clarity and consciousness, deeper sensory & feeling ability, self-acceptance, empowerment,
unconditional self-love, intimacy, and spiritual revelation to help bring about a sense of Absolute Wholeness for people.

We are living in Awakened times. We can no longer ignore or avoid
that we are here as Beings of Light to create a new reality on Earth; 
A world of Absolute Love where all souls are free from karmic cycles, pain and suffering.
 It's the most challenging but ultimately most fulfilling life,
to be an integral and unique part of humanity's Evolution Of Consciousness. 

My mission is to help more Absolute Love establish in this world,
so that it is not just an inner feeling but an outer reality. 

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