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Tash Kenworthy

I believe your vibrant health is worth talking about.

Working as a Soft Tissue Experts for more than a decade.  Helping hundreds of patients with massage treatments – don’t get me wrong, our specialised treatments are amazing, but I have always felt there was more we could do to for our patients overall health.

I wanted to help people BEYOND the therapy couch.

I believe wellness is a choice and that proactive healthcare can be simple and effective. I have found some tools to help make this belief a reality and I’m am excited to share it with you.

Join our Wellness Revolution and experience these products for yourself.

They are safe and simple to use. We’ll show you how to take daily steps towards vibrant health, beyond your own great efforts to eat well, exercise and incorporate regular massage therapy treatment.

These are effective tools, and when you join us, you’ll be connect to  thousands of others who all have endless stories to tell of how doTERRA has helped them, and how it can help you too.

It natural.

That’s right.

Natural might be in fashion but we believe once you have these doTERRA essential oils in your hands, you’ll get what all the fuss is about.

And don’t worry they are not just for the ladies…

In fact I’m so confident in quality of doTERRA essential oils and wellness products, I created the ‘Wellness Product Challenge’.

You can sign up NOW at and you’ll receive a 5 day sample kit, with video tour guide (via email) and the chance to join our wellness revolution. Plus get a one to one discussion with me about your wellness goals and how to plan for success.


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