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Taste Tripper

We love exploring cities. We really love food.

Chocolate brownie by Taste Tripper. Exploring London.

Absolutely our favourite way to discover a city is through its food. We’ve spent hours exploring online for restaurants and cafés we must visit during trips away, drawing our own maps and creating and sharing spreadsheets to try and hit up as many places as possible during each trip.  Then we spend a lot of time wandering randomly when we’re there, too. All the research is pretty time consuming.  When you arrive the pressure to get to everything or narrow things down can also be exhausting.   

We’ve lived in London for more than a decade and still not tried everything on our wish list. Knowing what to do in a new city is even more overwhelming. Sometimes we’ve taken three buses to get across a new city only to be disappointed with what we find.  

Freedom to explore on your own terms 

We know that fitting scheduled tours or events into your visit doesn’t always work. We wanted to offer a way to give you the insight of a local guide and a personally selected set of things you really must taste; things for you to try on your own time, when you’re ready.  Best of all, if you don’t get through every Taste Tripper card on this visit, you can finish it on the next one or hand it to a friend or your host to complete.  

We have tried to combine the freedom of wandering at will, with a food-related objective.  Each Taste Tripper pack includes a selection of artisan highlights to give you a taste experience of the city.  You can seek them all out in one day in an orienteering-style adventure or stop in to each when you’re in the area visiting some other city sight.

Exploring London with Taste Tripper. London architecture in Chelsea.

Getting to know the city, its people and the food 

We’ve included a few random London facts that you might want to investigate further whilst you’re stopping in for your taste samples.  There’s also a little insight into the shops, cafés or its founders, too. We like to celebrate the artisans.  

Each partner location card provided in the pack has a tear-off section that can be traded for a taste of something delicious.  It could be an award-winning chocolate truffle or a fierce shot of espresso.  When you accept your taster that same card gives you the opportunity to buy more in store at a special price.  You can buy a box of chocolates for someone special back home or add that delicious-looking piece of cake to your coffee order.  

The fold-up map might be old school but sometimes it’s so much easier to see the city all laid out in front of you to touch and to draw on.  It’s still portable and you can always use it alongside the GPS on your phone to keep you on track!  

Consider us a mini guide book, but one where not only are all the pages loose so you can carry around what’s relevant, you can also trade these pages for something delicious, bringing the words to life in the very best way.  

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