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Teresita Lopez P - Divine Affinity

Teresita is the Founder of Divine Affinity, A Worthiness expert, 

Transformational Speaker & Certified Spiritual Teacher / Intuitive

Energy Healer. 

Her passion is empowering clients, to love and accept themselves, find their worth and value, discover their own infinite inner resources to grow, blossom, live their highest dreams, find calmness, and forgiveness as well as to heal their physical ailments. 

Teresita has reached nearly over 2000 people both nationally and internationally, including 1-1 coaching sessions, workshops, events and social media.  Using all her passion and experience Teresita helps others to find themselves, to experience a greater flow of abundance, and start enjoying their lives to their fullest.

She experienced depression, fear, money worries, and grieve, after losing her parents, feeling lost and with no direction in life.  Her path to recovery led her to a therapeutic approach without any success until she finally found a holistic technique, that helped her to overcome her fears, worries and much more.

She now uses all her passion and experience to help others, offering these empowering and transformational healing techniques to others, so they can start creating a new life for themselves, unlock the power within, and living a fulfilled and satisfying life.

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