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The Age of No Retirement

 About The Age of No Retirement:

The Age of No Retirement is an innovation social enterprise. We are a non-profit, lottery-funded organisation. Our goal is simple, an age-neutral, multigenerational world. One in which we automatically value young and old in equal measure.

The Age of No Retirement is working with PwC’s crowdsourcing experts and partnering with the world’s leading crowdsourcing platform, Spigit, to create an online community of tens of thousands of Britons – young and old, from all walks of life, and from all regions – to co-design and co-develop innovative new solutions to some of the biggest issues and challenges facing people of all ages today.

The Innovation Platform is all about mobilising the wisdom of a large citizen community to generate innovative high-impact ideas for the benefit of society. Collectively the community then selects the best ideas and helps shape them into new products, services and processes.

Each challenge revolves around a big question that we need the community’s help in answering. The question might be 'What should a new retirement model look like?', or 'Can we design a fashion range for all ages?', or even 'Can we create an Experience Academy?'. It can be anything at all, provided, at its heart, there is an intent to help create a stronger more inclusive intergenerational society - where one's age does not matter.

Challenge ideas can come from anywhere – from a teenager, from a corporation, from the United Nations! But, given this is the very beginning of our journey, we’re starting by asking the community, “Where should we begin?”

So join the challenge and post your ideas. Tell us what solutions we should be designing and building first. Post as many ideas as you like. Let the community help you develop and grow your idea. And remember to join the conversations around the ideas of others. Your thoughts and insights are important. They might be just what we need to unlock a little magic.

Sign up to the Challenge today. Get your voice heard. Share your ideas. Vote on the ideas of others.

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