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The British Association of Anger Management - Mind Your Anger

About Mike Fisher - Founder and Director

Mike Fisher, the ‘brains behind BAAM’ has worked with over 16,000 people since 1996, trained 200 students to a Diploma standard and has over 27 years of experience in the field of human potential and personal growth.

Mike is known as the leading guru and expert in the field of anger management in the UK and has contributed to hundreds of radio interviews, magazine and newspaper articles and many television documentaries including ‘NASTY BOSSES’ BBC3, ‘THE ANGRIEST MEN IN BRITAIN’ 2002 - ITV1 Landmark Films, 'ANGRY BRITAIN' 2004 - Landmark Films, 'LOSING IT' BBC3, 'VIOLENT FATHERS with Kilroy Silk' BBC3, 'BEAT IT: ANGRY WITH MY FATHER' 2006 Landmark Films.

Mike´s book 'Beating Anger' published in 2005 has sold well over 65,000 copies and his new book 'Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger' was published by Leaping Hare Press in June 2012.

Originally trained in humanistic counselling, psychotherapy and group facilitation Mike brings his own unique blend of different models, theories and practical applications to this challenging and specialised field of anger management. His wealth of knowledge and experience gives clients the added benefit of his expertise and he makes integrating the work fun, enjoyable and exciting.