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The British Psychological Society & Empsy® Mindfulness Reading Group

The British Psychological Society (BPS) is a charity registered in England & Wales, and in Scotland;

The Psychotherapy Section is the main forum within the BPS for psychologists and others who share an interest in psychotherapeutic psychology. It is one of the oldest specialist groups (founded in 1919 as the Medical Section) within the Society it has a long and distinguished history as a meeting ground for discussion of psychotherapy and related issues.

The Transpersonal Section is the main forum within the BPS for psychologists and others who share an interest in Transpersonal psychology - a discipline that investigates spiritual practices and experiences, researching their value and their relationship to the models and concepts of psychology.

Mindfulness Reading Group (MRG) is part of Empsy® Cambridge Coaching Psychology Group with aims to promote the research & development of mindfulness practice. The quarterly meetings are open to anyone (members and non-members). MRG is a voluntary & non-profit making organization.

Empsy® is an international network of diverse business & community consultants & professionals who use coaching psychology to empower each other and their customers to achieve their highest personal, business and community aspirations by working alongside each other, using a wide range of approaches. We value diversity in people, respect their cultures and believe in equal opportunities for all. We embrace this value with compassion and commitment to our socio-environmental responsibility in everything that we do.

The Network as a whole is a social enterprise that is non-profit making. All profits made are used to ensure that the organization is sustainable and achieve its socio-environmental objects for the benefits of its community and the wider society.

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