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The Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London

In 1980, Sir Roy Goode created the Centre for Commercial Law Studies to promote the systematic study and research of national and international commercial law and its social and economic implications. It also works to develop a body of knowledge, information and skills that can be placed at the service of government, public bodies, overseas institutions, the legal profession, industry and commerce. In its research and teaching, the Centre focuses strongly on the global development of international commercial law.

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies is especially well placed to undertake this mission. Lincoln's Inn Fields is in the heart of legal London and only a short flight from Brussels, the administrative capital of the European Union. Members of academic staff are drawn from all parts of the world. A particular feature of our research and teaching is the participation of leading lawyers working in the finance centres of the City. Their cutting edge practical experience, combined with the academic credentials of our faculty, allow us to create a superbly balanced educational programme.

CCLS is a dedicated postgraduate centre offering LLM, MSc, Diploma and Certificate programmes in the various aspects of commercial law. The Centre currently has 28 academic members of staff and 136 registered research students on the PhD programme, giving the Queen Mary School of Law 63 members of academic staff and 222 doctoral researchers in total.

The Centre is international in composition and outlook. It is able to draw on the input of distinguished resident and visiting scholars from overseas and to engage in comparative examination of the legal systems of other countries. This gives our students an exceptionally rich study environment. We take particular care to ensure that the excellence of our academic programme is combined with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere within the Centre. We pay special attention to the needs of overseas students or visitors from overseas.

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