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The Centre for ICASA

ICASA has over twenty years experience in successfully treating all forms of fear of intimacy and sexual dysfunctions through the ICASA Sexual Recovery Programme. ICASA Ten-Step Programme is a sexual therapy paradigm suited to the current age of human consciousness and has proven efficacy in healing intimacy and sexual problems over the last twenty years in therapeutic practice in the UK. It is a blending of western and eastern spirituality, sexuality and esoteric psychology.


While fear of intimacy may result from background factors and early life conditioning, the solution and a permanent lifelong recovery does not necessarily come from an exhaustive analysis of the causes. Instead, what has been shown to be most effective is a current, direct experience of the healing power of intimacy in the present.


The ICASA model includes transformation and healing at all levels of the human psyche including the mind, emotions and the body. A Recovery Programme with ICASA may include some or all of the following:


• Transpersonal Therapy for mastering the mind

• Inner Transformation to clear trauma and emotional blocks

• Personal Mentoring through the ICASA Recovery Programme

• Surrogate Partner Therapy to ensure healing and recovery is a fully embodied experience which can confidently be replicated outside of the ICASA therapeutic environment.


The ICASA Recovery Programme offers men, women and couples powerful, practical and effective tools within a gently evolving programme that helps to transform unhelpful early conditioning and develop a new relationship with oneself and others. It is a structured professional, therapeutic programme involving a partnership of considerable commitment, honesty and courage between client, therapist and (where appropriate) Surrogate Partner. The programme provides the opportunity to establish and maintain truly fulfilling intimate and sexual relationships and a peaceful, loving relationship with oneself.


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