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The Concordia Forum

In recent years, issues around national identity, social cohesion, and Islam’s role in the world have become increasingly contentious and complex. Conflicts in the developing world, Muslim-majority countries, and the West have become exacerbated through increasing globalisation, inequality, extremism, and a hypercharged media landscape. To address this, the Concordia Forum was founded in 2009 to help instil a sense of collective identity and ownership and to provide a key space for debate, inspiration, and strategic development. ​
The Concordia Forum is an invitation-only global network for leaders of Muslim backgrounds, with exclusive retreats for up to 200 people alternating yearly between North America and Europe. This has helped to develop and strengthen an international network comprising of nearly 1,000 leaders that work to promote social justice, improve social mobility and foster collaborative thinking with a view towards promoting beneficial change within society for everyone. The retreats have been held in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Canada, and the United States. The Concordia Forum recently concluded its tenth annual retreat in Caux, Switzerland.

Although the Concordia Forum retreat gathers Muslims from broad, cross-sectoral leadership positions, it is not a religious retreat in the traditional sense. Instead, it leverages the faith and professional backgrounds of its participants to promote trust, bridge-building, and problem solving to help create a positive influence in a dynamic and sometimes volatile global landscape. The retreats feature workshops, debates, entertainment, and high profile speakers in secluded resorts with extensive engagement with local communities and cultural activities, attracting a representative group of ethnic, national, sectarian, and political interests with near gender parity.
Concordia Forum retreats are also supplemented by one-day conferences for up to 250 people called Forum for Change alternating annually between London, New York, Brussels, and Washington. Concordia Forum and Forum for Change delegates and speakers have included senior leaders and diplomats from (or institutional support from) major media outlets (CNN, the BBC, Al Jazeera, ITV, Al Arabiya), governments and international bodies (the UK Parliament, the US State Department and White House, the United Nations, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation), multinational corporations (Coca-Cola, TAP Portugal, Air Canada, Swiss International Airlines), and grassroots Muslim organisations such as the Muslim Public Affairs Council (USA), the Muslim Council of Britain, Islamic Relief, and the National Council of Canadian Muslims. 
The Concordia Forum is entirely self-financed and is supported by both an Advisory Council and a Steering Committee under the supervision of Trustees and a Board of Directors. All delegates attend in a personal capacity and all discussions at the Concordia Forum retreat are held under the Chatham House Rule.

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