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The Cyber Rescue Alliance



We are a Membership organisation.  We help CEOs lead recovery of reputation and revenues, when "the unthinkable" happens.

We deliver tangible, practical business assistance across the full spectrum of executive challenges that follow a major breach.

We train and support leaders through the cascade of commercial decisions thrown up by catastrophic cyber attacks.  

Membership costs €12,000 (£10,000) plus VAT per year.  Inclusive benefits in the first year include:

  • an Executive Simulation of a major breach
  • a bespoke Commercial Response Plan 
  • a Cyber Crisis Coach assigned to your organisation.

For more information, see the challenges we address, follow us for insights, and apply for Membership.

During the “Golden Hour” after a major breach, your executives must be ready for the shock and ambiguity that some find paralysing.

You want to avoid mistakes made by others.  You must avoid instinctive responses that are well intentioned, but that exacerbate your problems.

You know that no defence is 100% guaranteed against every cyber attack.  As the FBI Director Robert Mueller said“there are two types of company – those that have been breached, and those that will be.” 

Join Cyber Rescue for privileged access to advice and assistance, to reduce harm from attacks you couldn’t block.  

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