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The Fabians - Greater Manchester

The Fabians - Greater Manchester is Greater Manchester's only Fabian society that is officially affiliated to the national Fabian Society. 

Our aim is simple: To be a welcoming, warm and friendly space for those who want to discuss politics and public policy on the left.

We hope to organise some fantastic events involving prominent politicians, speakers and individuals from across the country and from all walks of life. We hope these events will be informative, stimulating and above all, enjoyable.

Events will be open to all, with opportunities to join the Fabians - Greater Manchester to shape its direction and how it works.

As part of that, we are committed to ensuring events happen across Greater Manchester. We want to be a society that represents the whole of Greater Manchester, not just the city of Manchester.

With the Brexit vote, devolution and the election of the Greater Manchester Metro Mayor, it is now more important than ever that Greater Manchester's voice is heard.

As a society, we want to try and influence what should be said for the whole of Greater Manchester, using our position on the left.

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