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The Financial Planning Training Academy

Our clients are well qualified, highly trained and highly ethical who, for various reasons, struggle to build that initial connection with clients that allows them to engage them in a Lifestyle Financial Planning service and work with them for the long term to help them achieve their goals.

Our clients are not those who see Lifestyle Financial Planning as a new tool to accumulate assets under management or sell policies for large chunks of commission.

The Financial Planning Training Academy (formerly known as Smart Training Academy) was born from a frustration of watching good planners struggle and bad advisers flourish. Soft skills can be learned and they can be taught and the Financial Planning Training Academy exists to help.

Our objective is to train financial planners to communicate Lifestyle Financial Planning to their clients effectively. To help them navigate the various communication gurus and find their own successful set of skills to engage their clients. To allow their existing set of technical skills to be deployed to build fantastic long term plans for clients and open the door to those long term, mutually beneficial, relationships that both clients and planners crave.

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