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The Fun Business Network

The Fun Business Network was created from frustration that business networking can be unproductive and not much fun for some! Whether it's sales talks, pressure to give leads or getting no leads yourself, it's easy to wonder why you go networking. 

After floating the question: How do we make things different in a fun, engaging way, we listened to what our members wanted more of and adapted the format to accommodate it. In short, we believe that good networkers deserve to be paid for results. When our members can make money from each other's business and know that they all deliver great results, everybody wins.

Our network is about building relationships as a foundation for good business, and making sure that those who give the best referrals get paid for doing so, without any pressure to attend every week. For this reason we do not talk business for the first part of our events. We get to know each other, and then decide whether we like each other enough to want to get to know their business.

Our philosophy is: it's ok to mix business and fun. Since people buy people, let's get to know each other properly, and then work out how to make our businesses and the world better.

If this sounds interesting to you, you are welcome to join us. Beyond that, membership is by invite only. We have a code of conduct that some may not appreciate!

Warning! You will be expected to put your phone off/on silent for at least the first half of the event. You need to be present!

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