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The Gurkha Welfare Trust Jersey

GWTJ Patron: His Excllency, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton GCB LLD(Hon) DSc(Hon) BSc FRAeS CCMI

The Gurkha Welfare Trust Jersey (GWTJ) was established in late 2014 to raise funds specifically to build infrastructure projects for Gurkha villages in Nepal, for example schools, medical centres and fresh water / sanitation projects. We have no administrative overheads and no paid employees or paid Trustees, so all funds raised go directly to the Gurkhas. GWTJ operates under a licence from the well-established charity, the Gurkha Welfare Trust in UK (GWT UK). GWT UK Projects are run and constructed by the GWT UK infrastructure in Nepal, using mainly ex Gurkha servicemen supplemented by local village labour. The necessary construction supplies are purchased and provided by the GWT UK infrastructure. There are no third parties directly involved.


The earthquake in Apr 2015 demanded funds GWTJ initially raised were directed towards the emergency relief effort. This included providing shelter packs, medical kits and food supplies delivered directly to the Gurkha villages. Accordingly in July 2015 GWTJ sent £50,000 for this purpose through GWT UK and their Nepalese infrastructure.


GWTJ has now focused on its original objectives to raise funding for projects that benefit the Nepalese community, working alongside Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) who match what we raise pound for pound thereby doubling project funding. We work with GWT UK to identify specific projects GWTJ and JOA would like to support and raise the funds to carry them out. This has created a triumvirate of JOA, GWTJ as fundraisers and GWT UK as the infrastructure and project manager.


Since the formation of GWTJ we have raised some £584,190 for Gurkha Projects in Nepal, with the generous support of Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) and the Bailiff’s Disaster fund. By September 2019 our fundraising had resulted in the completed construction of four schools, getting some 2,000 Gurkha children back into school, the construction of three Community Centres and three Water and Sanitation projects in Gurkha villages. Our projects are selected from a priority list put together by the Gurkha Welfare Trust infrastructure in Nepal. All projects have a Completion Report, posted on our Facebook page @TheGurkhaWelfareTrustJersey. Of these projects, the Community Hall in Nundhaki East Nepal and Water and Sanitation projects in the villages of Bhawang West Nepal, Beteni East Nepal and Sarigadanda Tallo West Nepal were completed and funded in 2018/2019.


Fundraising during 2019/2020 will be for three more Water Supply and Sanitation projects in remote Gurkha communities. The total cost will be £87,558, for which Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA) has approved funding 2 of 3 Water and Sanitation Projects, providing the other one is funded by GWTJ. These projects were selected as benefitting the greatest number of people for the cost, with a balance of projects in the East and West of Nepal and within funding constraints:

1) Kharbari Ghalegaon, Khotang District, in the East at £33,098.22p funded by JOA

2) Khokatak, Sankhuwasabha District, in the East at £27,037.18p funded by JOA

3) Talla Thok, Nuwakot District, in the West at £27,422.14p funded by GWTJ.


To supplement funds raised from our 2019-2020 events we need to rasied another £9,000 to complete the last project. We would appreciate your assistance with reaching our ambitious target.

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