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The National Archives: Reading Rooms

Our reading room services will resume from Tuesday 8 December.

We will open reading room bookings on Tuesday 1 December at 12:00 (midday).

Book a reading room visit to access our collection of original documents. Visits must be booked in advance.

Below, you can choose whether to book a visit with either a

standard advance document order (up to 12 documents plus three reserves)


bulk advance document order (if you want to see 20-40 documents all from the same series).

If you can't see any availability for your chosen date or booking type, it might be worth trying again over the next day or two - sometimes people cancel their bookings, so it's possible that you might still be able to book a seat.

After you book a visit, you will receive an email asking you to complete your booking reservation by completing a document order form within 48 hours – you will need a reader’s ticket (if you don’t have one you can register for one) and your document references at this stage.

Standby tickets may become available at short notice.

Visit our website for more information: