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Congratulations and welcome to the Novel Mechanic Workshops!


This is the place for you if you want to be a successful independent author.


What does that mean? Well, it means you want to:


  • publish your writing on your terms. No publishing houses telling you what to do;
  • keep learning so you get the many skills you need to be a top-selling indie author (there is a lot more to it than brilliant writing, although that is important!)
  • get the lifestyle of your dreams, whatever that means to you.


I started The Novel Mechanic after I stopped teaching drama - a career I loved for over 20 years.  In total, I have been writing, editing and performing for well over 30 years.


To start with I was an actor.


For 12 years I worked on productions such as Pride and Prejudice (you know the one where Colin Firth walks out of the pond dripping wet??) and EastEnders (literally bumping into Barbara Windsor preparing for a scene). I could tell you some tales about the things I did during those years.


It was a blast and it led me to be a qualified drama teacher, swordfight choreographer, and assistant technical stage manager at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham a member of the Royal Society of Arts, the UK actors union Equity, Alliance of Independent Authors and manager of the world famous Bristol Old Vic theatre.


But, one day I realised that I wanted a different lifestyle. One that didn’t involve getting up at 6am. and spending all day in a dark drama studio.


I knew there had to be a way to earn a living that meant I could still help people reach their creative potential just as I had done for so many years with my drama students. But also living the lifestyle I longed for, which in my case is to have the freedom to be wherever I want in the world. That meant having a business I could pack up and take with me along with the wife and kids!


Because it's not just me doing this my wife helps out as well. Being a very organised person she keeps me focussed on what needs to be done whilst allowing my creativity to do its thing. (She will tell you this is not easily achieved!)


So I decided to take my many years of experience and focus it on what was the thing I really enjoyed the most out of it all – writing.


Since I was a child I have loved writing and a few years ago I published my first book The Cry of the Loon.


I sold a few copies, was interviewed on the BBC and got good press and Amazon reviews but what it taught me was that there is a hell of a lot more to being a successful self-published author than just good writing.


And so The Novel Mechanic was born.


It is my mission not just to help you improve your writing but to give you all the skills you need to be a super successful independent author and have the life you want.


That’s right. I want you to transform your life.


Whatever the life you want looks like, we are going to work together to achieve it.


If you like the sound of being a successful indie author with the lifestyle you have always wanted hit the Book Now button and get started today.


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